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Professional Services

CounterPath has an experienced Professional Services Team. This team of customer engineers are assigned to work on key accounts, focusing on the project initiation stage where key deliverables are defined, throughout implementation/integration phase, and finally fulfill the support role from an ongoing support/maintenance perspective.

When an engineer is assigned to a project, they typically remain assigned for the life of the project and will not be reassigned to another project. The engineers are responsible for implementing customer-specific features, working in conjunction with the development team to provide valuable customer input to ensure new features are implemented as the market requires them. Moreover, they help the development team bring forward certain features ahead of the roadmap schedule to achieve specific customer deliverables.

Throughout the project life cycle, a weekly status report is sent to customers followed by a conference call to ensure the customers are well aware of the project status. Upon delivery, our customer engineers assist (remotely and on site) with the integration of the deliverables into the overall solution, and can provide training for customer service teams. From then, they use our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to track all issues related to the deliverables, and use the weekly status meetings to work out resolution plans (such as software patches) for those issues.

CounterPath also has a Branding Engine and a dedicated support engineer team dedicated to software packaging. By leveraging this system, we can automatically create a build generated from a simple GUI interface.


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