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#1 Softphone for Call Centres

Set-up your call centre telephone system using Bria softphones. Bria simplifies the user experience for call centre agents, integrating your ACD, IP-PBX and more in a single application.

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Inside Call Centre

Call Centre Telephone System:

Various trends have prompted call centres to change and improve their operations in the last several years. Cost efficiency imperatives, self-service, social media, and cloud based solutions have driven changes within call centres. At the same time, businesses are seeking ways to differentiate themselves through strong customer interactions, new customer collaboration tools, new mediums and social media outlets to engage their customers, and ways to monitor, track and improve customer service with analytics.

CounterPath addresses the Call Centre needs of both operators and enterprises with Bria for Call Centres. With the Bria for Call Centre application designed with the “Agent experience” in mind, CounterPath is able to offer organizations an immediate competitive advantage with a solution that is scalable, and easy to deploy, integrates seamlessly into the enterprise architecture, and ensures optimal agent productivity. The Bria for Call Centres is available via the Branding process.


The Bria for Call Centre application not only provides a comprehensive suite of features, including voice & video calling; a broad range of codecs including HD Voice; security/encryption, including TLS (for SIP signalling) and SRTP (for media); 3rd Party Call Control (to enable a 3rd party Call Centre app to remotely control the Bria client via SIP signaling) and call recording but can be deployed as a standalone GUI-based soft phone client and can also be locked into system tray, so that the Call Centre agent only interacts with a single call centre application.

Other key features include:

  • Standalone GUI – The Bria for Call Centre application can be deployed as a standalone GUI-based soft phone client, including Call Centre features such as 3rd party call control and auto-answer
  • System Tray Lock – The softphone application can be locked into the system tray, so that the Call Centre agent may only interact with the Call Centre application; In this instance the call centre application runs in the foreground with the Bria client contained within the system tray, enabling incoming calls to be automatically answered.
  • Local & Remote Provisioning * – Local provisioning, recommended for smaller deployments, allows only the administrator to changes to the preferences settings, preventing Call Centre agents from making unauthorized changes to the application. For larger deployments, remote provisioning is recommended and is handled via a the Stretto provisioning server.
  • Silent login * – Silent login provides the ability to automatically login to the Call Centre agent using a Windows computer ID and enabling the system to automatically identify the agent without user name and password
  • Voice Quality Monitoring * - For customers focused on best-in-class voice quality, the Bria Call Centre application offers a centralized voice quality monitoring component as part of the solution, providing real time Mean Opinion Score (MOS) rating of the call quality of each call.

* These features require the Stretto platform.


The Bria for Call Centre Feature Pack is built on open-standards enabling operators to take full advantage of the Bria softphone technology to use for its Call Centre functionality, providing both operators and enterprises with a best in class softphone solution.

  • Bria interoperates with leading contact centre solutions such as BroadSoft and Genesys.
  • Genesys has certified that CounterPath’s Bria clients work with its Genesys SIP Server, versions 8.1.x
  • Broadsoft has certified that CounterPath’s Bria clients work with its BroadWorks Platform, version 20
  • The provisioning and voice quality metrics features require deployment of the Stretto platform and the Provisioning and User Experience Metrics modules.

The architecture also provides an API extension that enables 3rd party Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications with fine-grained control of the Bria Call Centre client. This enables a wide range of functionality such as click-to-call from web pages to sophisticated Call Centre, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Health Care applications, giving organizations the ability to use the Bria call centre application as their core softphone client while maintaining the ability to build onto the application with other technology partners.


To learn more about how customers have deployed Bria for Call Centres, see our inContact case study.

CounterPath’s Bria for Call Centre application offers an easy way to deploy a call centre solution for your business today. If your are looking to differentiate yourselves from your competitors and create a best-in-class customer experience today, contact your CounterPath account manager today or complete a Sales Request Form and a sales representative will be in touch.


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