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Forward-thinking firms are investing in UC solutions

The finance industry, including banking, insurance, accounting and stockbroking firms, faces unique and complex challenges, including regulatory and stringent security requirements. Challenges such as a complicated mix of systems, platforms, tools and software, can be addressed by replacing or integrating a UC solution with legacy systems and migrating to the cloud.

Regulatory Compliant

UC makes it possible for your business to retrieve, reconstruct and report on the conversations your employees have over the phone, and easily complying with Dodd-Frank regulations and more.

Extend Geographic Reach

HD video and web conferencing extends the geographic reach of financial services businesses, and including screen and file sharing help maximize each interaction.

Omni-Channel Engagement

Allow customers to interact in the way that best suits them. Over the phone, online, instant messaging, chat and more. They expect their financial provider will be available when, and where, the need arises.

Robust Security

Secure sensitive information, transactions, agreements, account information and more. UC provides a reliable, secure platform with data protection and security monitoring.

Financial UC Solution

Personalize Client

In the highly competitive financial services industry, every piece of technology implemented makes a difference in the client’s experience. Investing in a solution that unifies business communications, maximizes efficiency and creates a seamless experience for clients is key for growth and maximizing profits. Financial firms, agents, handle multiple accounts at once. Integration with email make it easier to schedule appointments and calls. Clients expect top-notch service and communication from their financial advisor, so making the right impression and personalizing their experience is essential to building trust and maintaining a long-term relationship. In addition, the newer generations of talented financial planners, analysts, and brokers are entering the workforce and gravitate toward organizes that embrace flexible and remote work options - and the communication and collaboration tools that enable those work environments.

Accelerates Speed
to Market & Rapid Decision Making

With finance, time is of the essence. The market is volatile, changing all the time, particularly in today’s world. When an opportunity arises, an institution, broker, or need the ability to act right away, and communicate the actions to be taken, or lose money. UC tools provide faster communication, through functionality such as voice, message, chat, and video, enhancing a financial team’s ability to share information needed to make an investment decision. File sharing can be used to send documentation that supports decision making. When UC is supported by a secure, low latency, high-speed network, financial representatives can be confident that the information they are acting on is current, accurate, and complete.

Financial UC Solution
Financial UC Solution

Secure Your
Financial Institution with UC

Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent against financial institutions, and more difficult to defend against, as hackers become more advanced. Managing sensitive information including transactions, agreements, account information required the information be kept secure, available and accurate. Any unified communications setup needs to be built on a reliable and secure network with built in redundancy, proactive data protection and security monitoring.

Streamline Call
Center Operations

A cloud contact centre allows financial service businesses to optimise the customer experience, streamline operations, save money and more. It allows businesses to keep on top of call volume, so calls are not missed or misrouted. In the financial services world, a missed phone call can be a missed opportunity worth thousands. Adopting Bria aids financial call centers with a significant number of benefits including;

Meets PCI security requirements

Provides call encryption by preventing agents recording calls locally to give an extra layer of security

Real-time monitoring of call agents allows for ongoing coaching, mentoring and improvement of call handling and processes

When paired with the Presence feature, employees can let everyone in the firm know where they are located or what their availability status

Financial UC Solution

“Following a short engagement with CounterPath, we were quickly set up with Bria Enterprise licenses for the entire site. Bria Enterprise is now a vital part of our strategic solution, operating on our existing VDI. In running from the data center, all the heavy lifting and processing is done by large servers, resulting in seamless voice traffic.”

Mike Smith

VP Technical Services

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