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New York, NY 10010
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+88 (0) 101 0000 000
Follow Us is a VoIP service, providing low-cost numbers primarily covering United States and Canada. By integrating with Bria, you will be able to:

  • make and take calls from Bria’s easy-to-use interface
  • bring your business line numbers on-the-go, on mobile and desktop
  • overlay additional unified communication features like team messaging, video conferencing, and screen-sharing

Setting up voice service with

Start by creating an account with by selecting the following link: provides external calls with a pay-as-you-go pricing plan for international calling.

Note: In addition to email verification, you will also need a manual verification. Verify by messaging Live Chat or emailing

Setting up users

Log into, you will be greeted with the Dashboard screen below. From here, navigate from the “Main Menu” to “Account Information”. Keep this tab opened as you will need this later on for voice set-up (Step 5).

Assigning phone numbers

From the navigation bar, mouseover “Sub Accounts” and select “Create Sub Account”. This is where you will create new extension lines for your users.

Signing up with Bria Teams

Sign up with Bria Teams at You will need an administrator account to access Bria Team’s portal.

Connecting to Bria Teams

Navigate to the “Voice” tab, select the “Add Voice” button and select “Select from Providers”. Proceed on choosing as your voice provider and as highlighted below, refer to the SIP information page on and paste in a SIP domain. Then under “SIP Username/Call Exte.”, set your sub account username that you created on Step3, and its password under “SIP/Voice Password”. Proceed on pressing “Save And Close”.

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