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Learn about firewall traversal, SIP signaling, and RTP session management



The behavior of CounterPath's Bria and eyeBeam softphones can be configured in the areas of firewall traversal, SIP signaling, and RTP session management.

For firewall traversal, Bria and eyeBeam offer the ability to configure for a wide variety of traversal solutions, including a relay server (such as XTunnels), ICE, a STUN server, use of the rport parameter in REGISTER messages and a firewall outbound proxy.

Bria and eyeBeam can also be configured to send signaling keep-alive messages to maintain a pinhole through the firewall and to automatically determine a listening port or specify a specific port range to use.

SIP Signaling

This group of settings allow you to configure how Bria and eyeBeam handle SIP signaling.

RTP Session

This group of settings allow you configure how RTP session activity will be managed.

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