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Bria for Salesforce®

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Inside Bria for Salesforce®


Bria for Salesforce® combines CounterPath’s first-class in-context communications interface with the rich sales automation and CRM capabilities of Salesforce. Bria leverages your existing PBX/UC services and allows you to place calls directly from within the context of Salesforce’s platform. Then, Bria automatically collects and enters key communications facts – or even the actual call itself – back into Salesforce. Now, sales people can simplify the placing of calls and automatically log their calling activity within Salesforce. And for managers and administrators, they can easily capture and analyze communications as part of an overall performance assessment. Manage all sales and communications activities from within Bria for Salesforce®.

User Benefits

  • Increase user productivity with integrated calling, screen sharing and instant messaging
  • Reduce the need for internal reporting of activities with the auto collection of customer interactions
  • Improve lead and customer response times which leads to greater sales and customer satisfaction

Enterprise Benefits

  • Leverage your existing PBX or Unified Communications services and extend infrastructure investments
  • Gain valuable and actionable insight using key customer interaction metrics
  • Increase productivity and generate higher sales with streamlined communications
  • Promote collaboration and strengthen relationships with customers or colleagues
  • Enhance customer profiles with a deeper view of your customer interactions

Note: Salesforce, Sales Cloud, and others are trademarks of, Inc. and are used here with permission.

Bria for Salesforce®

14-day free trial of the full product suite from the AppExchange store.

Includes: Multiple Bria Stretto softphones for desktop and mobile devices, Bria for Salesforce®, Screen Share, and Instant Messaging.

*Existing CounterPath customers may qualify for additional discounts. Bria for Salesforce supports Bria 4.5 or newer for desktop clients.

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Standard Features

Bria for Salesforce® includes features specifically designed for sales and service users in small, medium and enterprise businesses. Users can also enjoy the flexibility of interacting with non-Salesforce users via IM, Calling and Presence. Most importantly, users can improve sales and customer satisfaction while gleaning insight for improved business best practices and efficiencies.

High-Quality Voice and Video Calling

  • Standard telephony features include single click to call, speakerphone, mute and ability to transfer, 3 way calls, forward and hold calls
  • Set display and sound alerts for incoming calls
  • Hide your ID for calls
  • Employ "Do Not Disturb" function for audio and video calls
  • Missed calls indicator
  • Support for voicemail with Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)
  • Auto answer and "Do Not Disturb" functions
  • Make HD voice and conference calls using SILK HD and Opus voice codecs (among many others)
  • View, send and receive high-definition HD video (1280 x 720p) using H.264 and VP8 codecs
  • Detachable, full screen video window

Instant Messaging

  • SIP SIMPLE and XMPP support
  • Send instant messages to from your contact list when you see they are online
  • Start a single or group chat from the Messages window
  • Set Pop-up notification and sound alerts for incoming IMs
  • Employ "Do Not Disturb" function for blocking incoming Instant Messages
  • Company chat rooms of persistent meeting rooms that users can join or be added to


  • Set your presence status so contacts know how and when to get a hold of you best
  • Receive or block notification alerts for contacts' presence status updates
  • Establish unique privacy rules for your presence status for individual contacts

Screen Share

  • Share your presentations or initiate a demo with a click of a button
  • Schedule private virtual meeting rooms
  • Sharing sessions are encrypted with advanced security features via HTTPS
  • Reporting Portal for administrators to view number and names of participants, sessions initiated

Enhanced Contact Management

  • Manage, sort and filter up to 3,000 contacts with support for contact avatars
  • Synchronize your contacts with Microsoft Outlook® personal address book (Windows only) or Mac Address Book (Mac only)
  • Create groups for contacts with the ability to place one contact in several groups
  • Set a default contact method for each contact
  • Add a contact during a call

Bria for Salesforce® Features

In-Call and Post-Call Actions

  • Easily annotate call records with notes and a customizable Call Result
  • Send an email, or set a follow-up event
  • Start a Screen Share session or send a Screen Share invite
  • "Quick Transfer" a call to:
      • a "Voice Mail Drop";
      • a mobile device to step away from your desk;
      • pass a call to a "Hot Lead" queue; or
      • escalate a support call to the "Next Tier" of support.

Activity Rollups

  • Key rollup data of activities are provided to Salesforce users, contacts, accounts, opportunities and cases to enable:
      • prompt analysis of important metrics, such as "Time to Respond";
      • events, such as the Last Call Result, to workflow-related activities; and
      • a detailed snapshot of Bria-related activities at the object record level.

Salesforce Sidebar and Sales/Service Console Support

  • Bria for Salesforce works seamlessly with both Lightning and Classic environments and offers integrated calling so you can work the way you like

Reports and Dashboards

  • Bria for Salesforce comes with dozens of native Salesforce Reports and Dashboard components, which are easily customizable to your specific needs to:
      • review and analyze customer interaction metrics, key performance indicators;
      • generate insightful reports to build lead and opportunity strategies; and
      • forecast productivity as part of overall performance assessment.


Bria for Salesforce® 

  1. An existing IP PBX system, unified communications platform or VoIP service
  2. Professional, Enterprise or Unlimited Editions of Salesforce
  3. Administrative access to Salesforce
  4. A configured Bria softphone for Mac or Windows desktop

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