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Bria Enterprise Pricing

Find a solution and plan to meet your needs, or contact sales for a quote.

Bria Enterprise provides large businesses and resellers with a specialized Unified Communications solution.

With centralized management tools and robust communication features, enable your employees and customers with a next-generation softphone solution.

  • 100 monthly
    • Bria Enterprise
    • Basic Bundle
    • 4 app downloads per user

      5 SIP / XMPP accounts supported

      HD voice & video calling support

      1:1 messaging & chat room support

      LDAP / Active Directory Integration

      Advanced configuration options on Stretto™ Provisioning

  • 100 monthly
    • Bria Enterprise
    • Standard Bundle
    • All Basic Bundle features plus:

      Messaging & presence service

      Messages synched across devices

      File transfer capabilities

      URL preview in messages

      Remote troubleshooting tools for administrators

Plan Comparison Summary

Recommended Use Case
Bria Solo
For Single Users
Start Free Trial
Bria Teams
For Multiple Users
Start Free Trial
Bria Enterprise
For Multiple Users
Request a Demo
High-Level Features
Monthly Price on Annual Term $2.95 $4.95 Contact Sales
Devices Supported 3 3 4
SIP / VoIP Accounts Support 5 5 5
Team Voice & Video Service Not Supported Supported Not Supported
HD Audio / Video Support Supported Supported Supported
Standard Audio / Video Supported Supported Supported
Team Messaging & Presence Not Supported Supported Not Supported
Stretto Messaging & Presence Not Supported Not Supported Supported
BYO XMPP & Presence Not Supported Not Supported Supported
Screen Sharing Service Not Supported Supported Supported
Video Collaboration Service Not Supported Not Supported Supported
Call Analytics Not Supported Supported Supported
Softphone Troubleshooting Logs Not Supported Not Supported Supported
Remote Debugging Tools Not Supported Not Supported Supported
Escalated Ticketing System Access Not Supported Not Supported Via Channel Partner
Priority Support (Local Hours) Not Supported Not Supported Via Channel Partner

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bria Enterprise?

Bria Enterprise is a specialized unified communication and collaboration solution designed for enterprises and resellers. It combines easy to use softphone applications with cloud management tools that make it easy for administrators to deploy, configure, upgrade and update a robust VoIP communication solution. Help your employees or customers talk, chat, meet and share across all of their devices and support BYOD and omni-channel communications.

How is Bria Enterprise different from other Bria products?

Bria Enterprise combines the power of CounterPath Bria Enterprise applications for desktop and mobile devices with advanced provisioning and management tools that enable businesses and resellers to deploy a Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solution in a variety of environments, including ones with multiple PBX systems, legacy hardware, and specialized security and network traversal requirements. It offers significant flexibility and configuration granularity to other Bria solutions, making it the best choice for enterprises and resellers.

How can I get a trial of Bria Enterprise?

It’s easy – if you are looking for a solution that requires more features or specialized functions than other Bria solutions, contact our Sales Team and they’ll get you set up with a demo.

How do I purchase Bria Enterprise?

Complete a Sales Request Form detailing your solution needs and a CounterPath Sales Representative will be in touch shortly.

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