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Mobile Device Management

Add Unified Communications within secure containers of MDM for employees bringing their own mobile devices  Request Info

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Inside Mobile Device Management


Mobile devices are critical for employees to stay connected and productive. And Enterprises are embracing a Bring Your Own Device approach for these mobile devices. But they need to keep applications that use sensitive Enterprise information secure. Mobile Device Management (MDM) frameworks provide a method for Enterprise to provision, manage, and – if needed – remotely wipe containers with these applications on employee’s devices.

Unified Communications is a critical tool in the MDM application portfolio. Bria is certified to work with a number of the leading MDM frameworks.

User Benefits

  • Use the Enterprise’s Voice, video, messaging and presence on your smartphones and tablets.
  • Increase productivity via Bria Stretto Unified Communications clients that are tailored to your MDM framework
  • Easy to install via Apple iTunes and Google Play stores

Enterprise Benefits

  • Maintain security for Enterprise applications, data, and communications on mobile devices
  • The CounterPath MDM solution requires four elements to work: an Enterprise Unified Communications service, a Mobile Device Management framework, a CounterPath Stretto Platform account with its Provisioning Module, and a Bria Stretto client that is appropriate for your MDM framework.


Bria Stretto™ for various MDM frameworks is based on CounterPath’s award-winning Bria Stretto™ softphone clients and is provisioned by a module of the Stretto Platform. Bria is is a highly secure, standards-based mobile VoIP softphone that works over both Wi-Fi and cellular data networks. To learn more about Bria Stretto’s features, please visit us here.

The Stretto Platform’s Provisioning Module is a powerful way for enterprises and operators to distribute, configure and manage Bria softphones and enables users to store their softphone related settings in a single, convenient location. With Stretto's Provisioning Module, customers can fully provision their Bria softphones for use with their enterprise, SMB, ITSP, or operator VoIP solution.

Based on your MDM Framework, certain features restrictions can be imposed on a device, user, or application level. Please contact us to learn more about each framework’s capabilities. Restriction features include:

  • Erase Bria’s data remotely
  • Uninstall Bria completely form device and erase data
  • Encryption
  • Restrict use of Wi-Fi, cellular/mobile network, camera, microphone, or device sensor
  • Restrict use of copy and paste of text to clipboard, screen capture
  • Restrict composing of email or SMS via contacts
  • Restrict in-app purchases
  • Restrict launching by other apps via protocol URL


For CounterPath’s MDM solution to work, four elements are required.

First, the Enterprise must have an existing Unified Communications platform (IP-PBX with VoIP service, Instant Messaging & Presence, Video). Bria will interoperate with this platform communications platform.

Second, the Enterprise must have an existing MDM framework in place. Good, AirWatch, Citrix, and Mobile Iron are currently supported.

Third, you must purchase Bria Stretto MDM clients that are suited to your MDM framework. Alternatively, if companies order branded clients from CounterPath, MDM capabilities for your specific MDM framwork can be added.

Fourth, you must deploy the CounterPath Stretto platform with the Provisioning Module. Without an account, the client will not work. CounterPath’s hosted Stretto is available for customers.


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