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We work closely with our customers to make sure they have latest communications functionality and features to meet their specific needs. In some cases, we will perform engineering and customize our clients. Frequently, customers have specific network integration situations, require implementation of new functionality or features, or have particular user interface requirements that require customization of our base clients.

CounterPath has deep expertise in communication engineering and a development team that can deliver these customizations. We possess unparalleled expertise in mobile network, VOIP, messaging, video, and collaboration technologies. We focus on developing solutions that have strong interoperability and will remain functional as new standards emerge. Once completed, our engineering team can ensure that deployments of the customizations go smoothly. And equally important, we have management processes to effectively maintain these customizations over time.



One of the largest mobile operators and cable operators in the world wanted to launch a multi-platform communication client. They wanted to leverage their existing IMS core network and the existing customer subscriber information. They also wanted a user interface that was branded, easy to use, and exposed many of the advanced features that Rogers supported.

CounterPath developed a solution that leveraged emerging standards, combined with custom integration into network, provisioning and authentication systems. Within the customized Bria clients, branded “Rogers One Number”, they included:

  • Web Views: created web views within the One Number application to provide a great user experience while still allowing Rogers Portal team to adapt and enhance features. These web views exposed features such as Reach-Me-Rules (i.e. Do Not Disturb), Call Forwarding and Call Blocking.
  • Single Sign On: used already available login credentials to also sign on to the Rogers Portal web page transparently. This also included handling authentication via API’s exposed on the Portal platform for features such as 911 handling and SMS synch.
  • Integration with Core Network (IMS): developed IETF-compliant SIP integration of One Number application’s of with the Rogers’ core IMS network. This deployment supported features such as Registration Event Package Extension for SIP.
  • Streamlined On-boarding: Implemented a User Interface extension via web view to seamlessly host the Rogers One Number on-boarding process within the application. Customers can easily download and on-board to the service, ensuring that customer were automatically logged into their account and provisioned.
  • Customized User Interface: implemented UI elements to handle custom features such as Pull Call to allow seamless call transfer to any device (tablet, smartphone or desktop).
  • SMS Synch: Leveraged SIP standards to integrate with Rogers SMS within the core network. Working with the Rogers User Experience team, CounterPath developed a user interface that exposed historical SMS messages with the Rogers One Number application while also optimizing battery life.
  • Network Address Book (NAB) Sync: successfully integrated a 3rd party NAB synch library as part of the client offering for One Number to allow clients to synchronize contacts between the device and Rogers portal.

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