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BroadWorks Feature Pack

Provide a better user experience with certified integration with BroadWorks platforms  Request Info

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Inside BroadWorks Feature Pack


With this BroadSoft-certified Feature Pack, Bria integrates with BroadSoft's Device Management System (DMS), Xtended Service Platform (XSP) using the Xtended Service Interface (Xsi), and the BroadCloud XMPP Instant Messaging and Presence services. It enhances the client provisioning process, call histories, contact directories, and network-based conferencing systems. BroadWorks users can extend features to Bria's Desktop and Mobile clients for no extra charge when ordering a branded client package.

User Benefits

  • Increased user productivity from integration with BroadSoft Messaging & Presence, Call History, Service Management and Network-based Contact Directory features
  • More efficient interface for call centre representatives

Enterprise Benefits

  • Improved provisioning and management of multi-device per user environments
  • Achieve greater utilization of call centre representatives via integration with call centre management applications


To inquire about BroadWorks Feature Pack, please submit a Sales Request Form and a CounterPath representative will contact you with more information.


The BroadWorks Feature Pack tightly integrates Bria softphone clients with the BroadSoft BroadWorks platform. When ordering a branding package, provisioning can be achieved through BroadSoft’s Device Management System (DMS). Provisioning can also be streamlined through CounterPath’s Stretto PlatformTM (recommended) with DMS integration, offering greater control of multiple devices associated with a single user.

Device Management System (DMS) Integration

  • Select and configure Bria Desktop and Mobile devices with the end-user setup.
  • Alternatively, Enterprises can opt to use CounterPath’s Stretto platform with DMS integration to streamline provisioning and better control multiple devices associated with a single user.

Messaging & Presence Integration

  • Bria is certified to work with the BroadCloud XMPP Instant Messaging & Presence service.
  • Users can see the presence of their contacts and exchange messages.

Enhanced Call History

  • Display both basic and enhanced call logs from the Xtended Service Platform (XSP).
  • Access consistent call log history across VoIP desk phone, Bria Desktop, and Bria Mobile clients.

Network-Based Contact Directory

  • View and click to call network-based contacts.
  • Add Group Directory listings to Bria contact lists.

Service Management

  • User configuration of Broadworks XSP features such as Do Not Disturb, Simultaneous Ring, Remote Office, and other call forwarding options.

Call Center Extensions (Desktop Only)

  • Add call control extensions for seamless operations with BroadWorks and other call center applications.
  • Streamlined and efficient interface for call centre representatives.

Meet Me Audio Conferencing

  • Enable users to join pre-defined bridge IDs for high-quality audio conferencing.


Adding the BroadWorks Feature Pack requires that customers also have ordered a branding package.

For specific features within BroadWorks Feature Pack to work, you must already have deployed BroadWorks Device Management System (DMS), BroadCloud XMPP Server, Xtended Service Platform (XSP), Network-based Conferencing, and Meet-Me Conferencing.

For improved control of provisioning and management of multiple devices for a single user, then it is recommended that users deploy the Stretto Provisioning Module. Stretto will provide more control and flexibility for Bria Desktop and Mobile clients using the BroadWorks Feature Pack, while still integrating with information about the user contained in the DMS.

For more information about integration, please contact our sales support.


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