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X-PRO Delivers Secure Encrypted IP-to-IP Communications

X-PRO Delivers Secure Encrypted IP-to-IP Communications

Vancouver, BC, Canada — September 05, 2014

Xten Networks, publisher of the award winning X-PRO softphone, announced today that it has released the X-Cipher Secure Voice Service – providing Secure Encrypted Communications via X-PRO with Encrypted Voice.

X-PRO with Encrypted Voice in conjunction with the X-Cipher service delivers secure encrypted Voice over IP (VoIP) communications, quicker, easier and more cost-effectively than any other secure SIP [Session Initiation Protocol] communications- solution available today. To find out more, visit Xten at

The X-Cipher Secure Voice Service for SIP can be used to make secure encrypted calls between two or more X PRO SIP softphone clients over any SIP telephony network. Using the X-Cipher service, X PRO users can conference in many other X-PRO users over any SIP telephony network. Unlike other secure encrypted VoIP solutions, X-PRO with Encrypted Voice can also be used to make PC-to-PC, PC-to-Phone and Phone-to-PC calls on carrier grade and enterprise SIP telephony networks.

Deploying X-PRO with Encrypted Voice throughout your corporate network can provide secure encrypted voice communications between employees – within the same office and throughout all branch offices – and between you and your customers.

The X-Cipher Secure Voice Service includes:

  • X-PRO with Encrypted Voice Softphone
  • MD5 or SHA1 challenges
  • 3DES or AES 126, 192 or 256 bit encryption
  • Crypto safe random generators
  • Secure communications between X-PRO with Encrypted Voice users
  • X-Tunnels NAT traversal


Eliminate Eavesdropping – X-Cipher Secure Voice Service is designed to combat the negative aspects of VoIP. The X-Cipher service ensures all voice stream data is encrypted using strong AES or Triple DES encryption. Furthermore, the X-Cipher service establishes and validates the identity of parties communicating. While voice data can be intercepted intentionally or accidentally, it can’t be understood, as it can’t be readily decrypted.

Say “NO” to Public/Private Key Management – With encryption comes the problem of either managing public/private keys, which must be kept secret, or the annoyance of transmitting a secure key to a remote party over other secure methods. The X-Cipher service eliminates these issues. No public/private keys exist to guard and keep safe and worry about theft and reuse. Each conversation through the X-Cipher Secure Voice Service gets a unique secure key generated by the X-Cipher service using strong Crypto random safe algorithms.

About Xten Networks, Inc.

Xten is a leading provider of award-winning, high-quality SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software and SIP softphones. It is Xten’s goal to be the primary choice in softphones and client-side IP communications software for telephony software consumers the world over. Xten provides IP Telephony software products directly to end users, Enterprises, Next-Gen Service Providers (ITSPs & Tier 2), Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs), Telephone Companies (TELCOs), and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Xten partners with Service Providers and the like to offer turnkey IP Telephony solutions. Those who are interested in Xten products should visit Xten is a private Nevada corporation located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. On the Web: