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Vancouver, BC, Canada — July 31, 2003 —

 Jeff Pulver, CEO, announced Free World Dialup passed the 40,000 member milestone after less than nine months in service. "The growth of Free World Dialup continues to defy expectations," noted Jeff Pulver. "Our enthusiastic members already give Free World Dialup the largest international presence among voice over broadband companies with over 150 countries represented. Continuation of present growth rates means membership will surpass 100,000 by the end of the year."

Free World Dialup (FWD) provides the means for members to make no-cost telephone calls between each using Internet compatible telephones or personal computer software anywhere broadband Internet access exists. Callers using the service escape the geographical and usage based costs associated with traditional telephone calls in a manner analogous to e-mail and the World Wide Web.

Free World Dialup's success derives from ideas and contributions of members and growing number of network partners adding value and making the service easier to use by providing compatible devices, software, and services. For example, the most popular software client on FWD, Xten's X-Lite, automates the registration process for members.

"Xten is proud to support the Free World Dialup movement. The recently released free self-configuring VoIP client software is now the most sought after software that Xten has produced," said Erik Lagerway, President and COO of Xten Networks, Inc. "X-Lite software has seen over 30,000 downloads since the release in mid-April 2003, we expect that number to triple before the end of the year."

FWD provides standard telephone features at no cost:

In addition, FWD member benefits include:

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