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Service Provider Solutions

We do all the "heavy lifting", while you stay competitive in this new communications landscape

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What's Inside Service Providers

CounterPath Solutions for Service Providers

With traditional lines of business facing challenges from disruptive technologies, and competition from over-the-top players like Skype, Apple, Google and Viber, CounterPath has the solutions and know-how to empower operators in maintaining market relevance. Our agile, quick-to-market solution deployments ensure your business is poised to maintain a competitive advantage in this ever-changing, fast moving environment.

CounterPath Enables Service Providers to:

  • Build a product offering that works seamlessly across multiple networks and devices.
  • Differentiate products to grow customer loyalty and maximize customer wallet-share.
  • Find a way to compete with OTT players by offering customers a better, easier and more efficient way to communicate using your service.
  • Retain and grow subscribers by extending wireless services across multiple devices including PCs, tablets and mobile phones
  • Deploy and manage a scalable solution to easily access, provision and manage all Bria softphones applications from one convenient web interface, personalized for each customer profile.

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Case Studies

Learn how we helped Rogers create value for their customers with universal mobile identity

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OTT: Friend or Foe?

This in-depth whitepaper discusses the dynamics of OTT for operators

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Mobile VoIP Solutions

With mobile VoIP solutions offering callers significant cost savings on carrier plan minutes and international calling charges, the need for service providers to adopt mobile VoIP into their offerings is crucial to retaining customers and acquiring new ones. CounterPath gives both wireline and mobile operators the ability to offer customers value-added services and features while building stickiness around their product suite and gaining additional revenue sources.

Not Mobile Yet? No Problem

Wireline operators can provide enterprise, SMB and SOHO customers with an immediate solution for mobile VoIP and messaging services that are delivered over-the-top (OTT) of mobile networks with CounterPath’s Stretto Platform. With both network- and device-agnostic services, wireline service operators can issue a single VoIP phone number to customers to be reached by voice, IM or SMS, all on the device of their choice. With the majority of mobile users already paying for SMS services, wireline operators can capitalize on this premium service by offering two-way (SMS-to-VoIP and VoIP-to-SMS) messaging services to their customers.

Learn more about the SMS over IP Module

Extend Mobile Number Business Services

CounterPath's Stretto Platform™ provides a simple, economical solution that provides business-class services, like single number reachability and unified presence and messaging, that are hosted in the mobile network. With the ability to replace a business’ existing phone system wireline service with a wireless solution that increases productivity and mobility, operators can now offer a business service that provides real business features instead of just a single bull or shared minutes bucket.

Learn more about the Stretto Platform™

Expand Mobile VoIP Offerings Beyond Smartphones

Give your customers the ability to connect and communicate on the device of their choice while leveraging your brand promise. CounterPath’s mobile softphone solutions are fully brand-able and are not only available on smartphones for Android and iPhone, but also include solutions for iPad and Android Tablet as well as Mac and Windows PCs.

Learn more about CounterPath's Bria client suite

CounterPath’s Stretto Platform™ offers an easy way to incorporate mobile VoIP into your service offering. Learn more about Mobile VoIP solutions powered by the Stretto Platform™, or complete a Sales Request Form and a sales representative will get back to you shortly.

Service Provider Over-The-Top Solutions

With today’s service providers facing threats from disruptive technologies like Skype, Google, Rebtel and Viber, and losing more and more roaming and international calling minutes to new players in the alternative voice provider market, new and unique solutions need to be found. CounterPath’s over-the-top (OTT) solutions enable service providers to deliver a branded Operator OTT VoIP service that incorporates voice and video calling, Instant Messaging, SMS and presence management with single-number identity, increasing value and traction with customers.

Maintain Wireline Relevance

Offer significant cost-savings to customers and a mobile phone extension to their wireline number with CounterPath’s Wireline Mobility services. Leveraging third-party wireless networks, these services are both agnostic to mobile protocols and devices, giving your customers the ability to use their wireline number on any mobile phone on any mobile carrier. With no mobile client to install and no smartphone required, users can simply start receiving, replying to and sending calls and SMS messages.

Offer Single-Number Identity

Provide a distinctive and strategic mobile Unified Communications and Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) service to customers by giving them the ability to use their mobile number as their primary identity with CounterPath’s Convergent Voice and Messaging application. By turning a customer’s softphone into a virtual mobile phone capable of SMS, MMS and bypassing metered cellular plan minutes with low-cost VoIP calling, service provides can grow ARPU via subscription and usage fees instead of losing customers to other VoIP OTT competitors.

Learn more about Service Provider OTT solutions powered by the Stretto Platform™, or complete a Sales Request Form and a sales representative will get back to you shortly.

Unified Communications Solutions

CounterPath’s unique Unified Communications (UC) solutions enable service providers in taking advantage of new revenue opportunities by offering them ability to deliver unified presence-based fixed and mobile voice, instant messaging (IM) and short messaging service (SMS) communications experience across multiple endpoints, including desktop computers and mobile phones.

Extend Features Sets to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Help enterprises deliver single-number phone communications that converge their mobile phones with desk phones, softphones and other SIP compliant devices, giving their employees increased mobility, flexibility and productivity. CounterPath’s Stretto Platform gives service providers the ability to offer a business service that provides real business features, instead of just a single bill or shared bucket of minutes and can replace an existing wireline phone system with a wireless solution.

Learn more about the Stretto Platform™

Enhance the User Experience

With today’s users attempting to manage multiple communication applications and services, on various devices, service providers can add value by offering the power to seamlessly communicate using one user interface from any of the user’s devices of choice. CounterPath’s applications enable simplified access to fully integrated UC experience including voice and video calling, messaging, conferencing and collaboration.

Learn more about CounterPath's Bria client suite

Branding and Customized Solutions

CounterPath's branded softphones and mobility solutions enable service providers to differentiate their products, grow customer loyalty and increase brand traction. With a plethora of options for our desktop and mobile softphone clients, both factory and graphical settings can be modified to include customization for language, product name, domain, proxy, URL, skinning and more.

Learn more about CounterPath’s Branding Engine

CounterPath’s Stretto Platform and Softphone Clients offer enhanced UC abilities and features. Visit the Product page to learn more or complete a Sales Request Form and a sales representative will get back to you shortly.


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