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ITSP Partner Program

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ITSP Partner Program

CounterPath has two options for SIP based VoIP providers looking for iOS and Android solutions for their service – become a CounterPath-SIP affiliate, or have us create a customized white label communications solution for your customers.

Join our list of preconfigured providers

Any provider is free to add themselves to our list of preconfigured providers. Select the ITSP Sign Up tab above to sign up for an account, then follow the instructions online to join our list of providers. In return for adding you to our preconfigured list, we ask that you test your service with our softphones and add a reciprocal link to CounterPath’s products on your website.

Get a white label VoIP solution for your customers

CounterPath has the experience and expertise to deliver integrated solutions to you and your customers to increase the efficiency and profitability of your operations. If you are looking for a customized mobile softphone solution, CounterPath can provide you with a white label client branded with your company's colours and logo, as well as settings adjusted specifically to your service (domain, proxy, URL, etc.). CounterPath can also add service specific features and additional customization depending on your company's needs. For more information, please complete the Sales Request Form (NDA required).

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Channel Partner Program

CounterPath supports Channel Partners in positioning, packaging and selling Bria softphone clients and Stretto Platform solutions.

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Find out if your product is interoperable with our softphones.

Interoperable Products

ITSP Certified Partners

CounterPath is committed to working with industry-leading service partners that add value to our products. The following service providers have tested and certified their service with CounterPath’s Bria Android, iPhone and iPad Edition softphones.

ITSP Partner search form

A1 Adaptium Aeratelecom AiTech
AmaVoIP Annatel Networks Anura Aukrofon
Australian Phone Company Babelforce Belgacall
Boundlessip Braintel Brazvoice Broadaspect
Cabertel Callcentric Calncall China Tone
Citycable ClaroCOM ClearFly ClearSource
Cloud-Coms Cloud Telecoms Coms Costalc Technologie
Data CMR DBS DCI Telecom Detel
Dial91 Dreamtilt DSM Telecom Dynamix
EasyCALL Efon Encoretel Fayn
GlobalPhone gnTel Grupo GTD Gulfsip
GuruCube ICE Improcom ims
Inclarity Inteligy ippi IPLAN
IT Freedom ivoisys iVoxx Kryptotel
Mango Telecom Magnetic North Matrix Server
Mobex MobileWarp Mondotalk Monema
NetOne Neural Networks Nexogy Nexus Telekom
NICnet NolaVoIP Norango Nova
Numbers Plus Nuvio OnSIP Orbtalk
Pathephone PayEasy PBX Sphere PennyTel Phonepower Portal Network Co Redlibre
Reynwood Communications Rmes Saicom Voice Services Sanal Santral
SipCel sipgate DE sipgate UK sipkom
SIPSynergy Siptrunked SmartVox SoftCall
SoLoLaVoIP Solutions Builders Limited Spout Synety
TECOBU Telecom5 Telecom House Telediscount
Telefonic Telemagic Telematica Telenor
Telviva Telzio ThinkTel Trusling
TWT Ultra VoIP VCCS Telecom Ventelo
Vivint Voice Gator VoiceHost Voicenet Solutions
VoIPLi VoIP Line Telecom VoIPQ VoIP Studio
Voocall VirtualGlobalPhone Voys Telecom wecloudit
X Cast Labs 123 Cloud


ITSP Sign Up

CounterPath Corporation, an award-winning provider of desktop and mobile softphone solutions, is looking to partner with leaders in the ITSP community to add account provisioning to our various softphone products. By doing this, customers will have the ability to quickly and easily enter their basic account details and start making calls immediately.

As the first phase of this program, we are looking for partners to test their services specifically with our Bria mobile suite of softphones: Bria Android Edition, Bria Android Tablet Edition, Bria iPad Edition and Bria iPhone Edition. Other CounterPath softphones, such as Bria for desktop, will be added to the program soon.

As a part of the program, CounterPath will provide:

  • A comprehensive testing plan
  • A CounterPath hosted ITSP Program portal for you to log in and manage your provisioned settings

Benefits once accepted into the program:

  • Your service settings will be pre-configured with CounterPath’s Bria Android Edition, Bria Android Tablet Edition, Bria iPad Edition and Bria iPhone Edition softphones.
  • You will receive certification from CounterPath that your service is optimized for use with our softphones.
  • Your company logo will appear on the CounterPath ITSP partner webpage.
  • Your company logo will appear in the CounterPath mobile softphone Account Page.
  • You may receive additional revenue opportunities, as subscribers can place calls through your SIP service while on their mobile handsets, enabling you to potentially gain a great new revenue source.

In return, we ask that you test your service with our softphone client and add a link on your website citing that CounterPath’s softphones work with your service. CounterPath can also provide additional marketing collateral if you wish to add more to your site, including sales material, quick start guides and high resolution images.

Join the Program!

To join the ITSP Partner Program, please complete and submit the form below. You will be contacted within 24 – 48 hours with further instructions and information on accessing your account.

ITSP Partner Sign Up Form
Service Region:
Services Provided:

I have read and agree to the ITSP Partner Agreement above.
I have read and agree to the Terms of Use and End User License Agreement.

ITSP Login

Please login to access the ITSP Partner Program Portal using your account credentials. If you do not have an account, sign up to be part of the ITSP Partner Program by clicking the "Sign Up" button.


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