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COVID-19 and CounterPath UC Solutions

CounterPath has multiple ways to support individuals and organizations as the need for remote working solutions grows.

Bria Solo

For individuals – get a best-in-class softphone to use with any VoIP service on your desktop or mobile device.

Bria Teams

For internal teams or small businesses – start communicating with team voice, video calling, and messaging.

Bria Enterprise

For call centers or small to mid-sized enterprises – supports HD voice and video calling with any call server or VoIP provider.

Zoiper Alternative

Custom Solutions

Need something more specific for your organization? Create a custom, branded solution (200+ users).

Bria Solo for Individuals

A best-in-class softphone to pair with your VoIP service to make and receive calls.

Must have a VoIP provider to make and receive calls

High-quality audio & video calling support

Web portal for setting up account(s)

Subscription can be used by a single user on up to three devices

Enterprise Unified Communications

Bria Teams for...

For internal teams or small businesses (under 100 users) – communicate with team voice, video and messaging.

An immediate communication solution with unlimited voice and video calls between team members

Instant messaging, 1:1 chat rooms, file sharing and more.

VoIP provider or call server for calls outside of the team

Web portal for set up and management of users

Bria Enterprise for

For call centers or small to mid-sized enterprises (more than 100 users) – supports HD voice and video calling with any call server or VoIP provider.

Call server/PBX or VoIP provider needed to make and receive calls

Contact directory with presence, 1:1 messaging and chat room services

Collaboration service with HD video conferencing, screen sharing and robust hosting tools

Video conferencing service can be joined by web browser or dial-in number

Robust web portal for set up and management of users, as well as granular call account settings

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Bria Solo and Bria Teams?
Bria Solo is a stand-alone softphone solution that needs to be paired with a call server or VoIP service to make calls, while Bria Teams comes with a CounterPath-hosted Team Voice and Team Messaging service for intra-team communication and collaboration. Bria Solo is targeted towards individual users for personal or business use, where as Bria Teams is for internal teams and small businesses.

What is the difference between Bria Teams and Bria Enterprise?
Bria Enterprise is an enterprise-grade UC solution for small to mid-sized enterprises, service providers, and channel partners. While it has similar services to Bria Teams like messaging and video calling, it does not include a team voice service and instead is meant to be paired with a call server or VoIP service. Additionally, Bria Teams does not support video conferencing, only video calls. The configuration for voice accounts and settings is limited within the Bria Teams portal, so organizations looking for Active Directory integration, sophisticated dial plans, and further customization should explore Bria Enterprise.

What are Virtual Meeting Rooms?
Virtual Meeting Rooms are a part of the CounterPath-hosted collaboration service. They provide:

  • Unlimited HD audio and video calls, with hosting capabilities for up to 200 participants
  • Integrated screen sharing with participants
  • An integrated messaging panel within the conference session
  • Access for web-based participants to join from any device with a web browser
  • Access for dial-in participants, with localized phone numbers for 75 locations in 46 countries

What would I need to start an immediate work from home solution with one of your Bria products?
That depends on what your unique business needs are as far as daily communication is concerned. For most small businesses, Bria Teams would be ideal for keeping in touch with colleagues, and using web-based voice or video calling to meet with external contacts. For businesses with greater outbound calling needs, like call centers or sales teams, a VoIP service or call server is integral for making calls outside of the organization. This could be used with either Bria Teams or Bria Enterprise, depending on the size of the deployment.

Start calling with the leading softphone for business

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Enterprise Unified Communications