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Bria Desktop API

Enabling third-party control of Bria for Mac and Windows desktop clients


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Bria Desktop API


The Bria Desktop API allows third-party applications to control Bria for Mac and Windows softphone clients. By leveraging the Application API, third-party applications can perform commands such as starting an audio or video call, answering a call or placing a call on hold.

CounterPath is now encouraging third-party-application developers to integrate their applications with Bria. Suggested applications range from simple functions such as enabling click-to-call from web pages, to integration with sophisticated Call Center, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Health Care applications.

Please note that that the Bria for Desktop API is not a substitute for CounterPath’s Software Development Kit (SDK), which provides significantly more flexibility and does not require the Bria softphone client to be running.


The Bria for Desktop API provides functions that enable third-party applications to control Bria  softphones.

For example, your application may have a web page that provides information about customers for your employees to phone.

  • The employee clicks on the customer phone number, which invokes a function from the Bria for Desktop API to place the phone call through the employee's Bria desktop softphone.
  • Bria executes the request and sends events to your application. These events provide information about the status of the request.
  • The employee manages the call using Bria. They can put the call on hold, transfer the call, mute the call, and so on.
  • When the call ends, your application will receive notification that the call has ended.

By leveraging the Application API, third-party applications can perform commands such as:

  • Place audio or video call
  • Bring Bria GUI to front
  • Call history
  • Send an Instant Message
  • Retrieve Contacts information, including Presence status
  • Call status / System settings
  • Answer call
  • Call hold
  • End call
  • Voice Mail / MWI / Connect to VM Server

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