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Stretto Platform™

Empowering enterprises and operators with a single platform to manage and enhance OTT communications  Request Info

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Introducing the CounterPath Stretto Platform™, a gateway, messaging, presence and provisioning platform that enables enterprises and operators to build flexible solutions that meet their specific communication and user deployment requirements.

The Stretto Platform is agnostic to existing network elements, providing further versatility as deployments can be made on top of current SBCs, IMS components, VoIP switches, PBXs and cloud communication services.

The various modules of the Stretto Platform, including Provisioning, User Experience Metrics, Help Desk, Push Notification, Contact Discovery, Call and Message Continuity, Subscriber Line Proxy, SMS over IP, and SIP/SIMPLE Messaging and Presence can be purchased individually or in groupings to further enhance specific module features. The platform can also be upgraded over time with new functionality as needed for enterprise or operator OTT (Over the Top) deployments.

The CounterPath Difference

  • The Stretto Platform is completely flexible, with the ability to add single or multiple modules as needed AND enable features within the modules depending on the exact deployment requirements.
  • Agnostic to existing network elements such as SBCs, Messaging/Presence platforms, VoIP switches, IMS components, PBXs and even cloud-based communications services.
  • The Stretto Platform enables a platform that may be upgraded over time with new functionality as demanded for any Enterprise OTT or Operator OTT deployment


To inquire about Stretto Platform solutions, please submit a Sales Request Form and a CounterPath representative will contact you with more information.

Management Tools

Stretto’s robust modular platform means ultimate control for an optimal user experience. From enabling all Bria clients to be remotely provisioned, to a complete Help Desk service offering, and even in-depth User Experience Metrics, Stretto ensures that operators and enterprises can deploy, configure and administer a communication solution with greater responsiveness and efficiency.

User Experience Metrics Module

The User Experience Metrics Module encompasses both Analytics and Voice Quality Monitoring features, which provide valuable insight into end user behaviors and experiences. It enables operations teams to accurately measure the frequency of end user issues, and provides insight into how and which features within the clients are being used. Items that are logged include, but are not limited to: client version, device type, device operating system, number of calls over Wi-Fi vs. 3G vs. 4G, number of calls with one-way audio, NAT traversal method, HD audio/video usage.

The module collects data from Bria clients and can display it in raw form, export it to an application, such as Excel, or display it as a chart or graph. There is also a dashboard feature that provides operations staff with a landing page with up to four reports, making reviewing Analytics data faster and more efficient so support staff can proactively detect and pinpoint voice quality issues in the network, as well as accurately measure historical Voice Quality trends. Reports that can be generated for Voice Quality Monitoring including Mean Option Score (MOS) trends, delay, audio levels, jitter rate, packet loss, burst/gap loss and call volume.

Help Desk Module

Providing support staff with more effective and efficient troubleshooting, the Help Desk Module of the Stretto Platform allows operations staff to review device logs and, more importantly, with a user’s permission, remotely control Bria clients as if they were in the same room with the user with device in hand.

When an end user experiences a problem with Bria, they can contact their support team and allow a support staff member to remotely connect to their Bria client using a security code generated when they start the Help Desk Assistant. The support person can then review diagnostics from both the Bria client and underlying operating system, as well as place audio and video calls, in order to troubleshoot the issue. This provides operators and enterprises with a better, faster and more efficient way to support their end users, saving costs and keeping frustrations low when dealing with technical issues.

Provisioning Module

The Provisioning Module of the Stretto Platform is a carrier-grade software solution that provides operator, enterprise and reseller customers with the ability to deploy, initially configure, and manage ongoing configuration updates and upgrades to Bria clients. Offered as a premise-based, hosted/cloud-based, or Software as a Service deployment, the Provisioning Module simplifies the end user experience and optimizes IT and operations staff efficiency. With control for over 250 settings, including default codec selection, NAT traversal settings and keep-alive timer values, administrators can customize and change client settings on-the-fly to efficiently manage large-scale Bria deployments in near real-time.

The Provisioning Module can be further enhanced by adding optional add-on modules for Client-Side Reporting, Help Desk and Contact Discovery, which greatly enhance its capabilities and functionality.

Deployment Options

The Provisioning Module can be deployed as a premise-based or hosted solution, giving service operators and enterprises the ability to determine how much up-front investment they want to spend on hardware, space, power and network connectivity.

Premise-Based Deployment

For this deployment option, CounterPath specifies the server configuration requirements in a Bill of Materials (BoM) and the customer is responsible for purchasing the hardware and operating system for CounterPath to install the Provisioning Module software onto. The customer is also responsible for all physical installation and meeting network connectivity requirements, while CounterPath provides on-site and remote support options for the installation and deployment process. Bria softphone clients must be purchased in advance and are “locked” custom branded clients.

Hosted/Cloud-Based Deployment

CounterPath manages and purchases all of the hardware, space, power and bandwidth necessary to host and manage the Provisioning Module in this deployment option. Customers use the Stretto™ Admin interface or API to facilitate Bria softphone administration and management within the cloud. The hosted deployment also includes multi-tenanted capabilities, enabling customers to create sub-groups and assign administrators. These sub-groups can be used for internal stakeholders or for resellers or corporate customers. As with the premise-based deployment, Bria softphone clients must be purchased up-front.

Cloud Solutions Deployment

The Provisioning Module can also be deployed as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, branded as CounterPath Cloud Solutions. CounterPath Cloud Solutions combine the Bria Stretto™ client suite for desktops, smartphones, tablets and virtual desktops with CounterPath's cloud-hosted Stretto Platform™ Provisioning Module. Using a hosted “Software as a Service" business model, enterprises, operators and telecommunication channel partners can easily and efficiently deploy a cost effective system for procuring, distributing, provisioning and managing Bria Stretto™ clients from the cloud. For more information about CounterPath Cloud Solutions, please visit the Cloud Solutions product page.

For more information on the various deployment options, please contact your CounterPath sales representative or complete and submit a Sales Request Form.


Initial Client Configuration

Performs the initial configuration and provisioning of CounterPath softphone clients. Configurations are delivered to the client based on the subscriber’s account and profile and template structure.

Ongoing Configuration Management

Provides an update service that allows softphone clients to check for configuration changes and updates upon startup and/or based upon an internal timer mechanism.

Ongoing Version Management

As operators roll out new softphone client versions, they can push these changes out to their existing customer base using the Provisioning Module. Operators can also set these upgrades as optional or mandatory to their end users.

Device Tracking and Management

Allows administrators to set limits for maximum numbers of devices per user and/or set limits for maximum number of devices per group.

Multi-Group Management

Provided provisioning group functionality that enables customers to manage distinct groups of subscribers with different settings, client versions, etc.

Configuration Framework

Provides a framework for IT and operations staff to both customize and standardize client configurations based upon a flexible structure of profiles, templates and attributes.

Multiple Interfaces

Access provisioning tools and features through the Stretto™ Admin, a web-based Graphical user Interface (GUI), Application Programming Interface (API) or Command Line Interface (CLI) depending on your needs. CounterPath’s mature HTTP-based API enables the Provisioning Module to be readily integrated into customer back office systems easily and efficiently. An LDAP interface is also supported for off-board authentication of subscriber’s credentials.

Basic Reports

Easily review subscriber base activity with respect to softphone configuration and usage and create customized reports. This includes reports for the number of softphone clients by platform type, version, device OS version and device type. Reports can be viewed from the Stretto™ Admin interface or exported to a CSV file.

Enhanced Client Traces*

Administrators can provision Bria clients to send easy-to-read client logs to their system, allowing operations support staff to immediately troubleshoot softphone client issues.

End User Notifications

Operators can generate fully customizable emails to their end users with specific client login information through Stretto™ Admin.

User List Download and Upload Capability

Administrators can make bulk moves, adds or changes using a CSV file containing data for all of their users and the attributes set on a user level. They can also download CSV files for archive or editing purposes.

IP Roaming Controls

Allows operators to control where their softphone endpoints can be used, providing them with the ability to leverage the Provisioning Module to provide tiered service offerings. This includes the ability to restrict service access when connecting to networks outside the operator’s home network or within a specific country.

End User Portal

The End User Portal allows end users to interact with the Provisioning Module in a variety of ways to assist in managing their own services, including viewing and deleting devices, accessing device logs for troubleshooting, and configuring specific attributes in the module (like Display Name). The portal helps reduce strain on administrators as end users can service themselves.

* Not available for Bria BlackBerry Edition clients at this time


Configuration Management
  • Configuration of clients over HTTPS
  • Freeform template infrastructure for client configuration
  • Group and Profile structure for user group management
  • Profile selection based upon device type for single user – multiple device support
  • Freeform attribute infrastructure for both profile and user level configuration customization.
Management Interfaces
  • RFC 2616: Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1
  • RFC 2818: HTTP over TLS
  • Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 Specification from
  • XML based REST API for group and end user provisioning
  • Administrative web interface for group and end user provisioning
  • CLI for system configuration, group, and end user provisioning
  • Event Detail Record Generation
  • OS Resource Monitoring / High Availability
  • SNMP v 2C Alarm Monitoring, Statistical Gathering
  • MIB II (RFC 1213)
  • Subscriber Trace
Operating System
  • Redhat Enterprise Linux 6.5 or newer within 6.X
Hardware (Minimum Specifications)
  • 2 IBM X Series Servers or 2 Blade Servers
    • 2.6 6C GHz CPU per blade or server
    • 12G RAM per blade or server
    • Two 73GB (or more) 15k SAS drives setupin RAID0 config, per blade or server
    • Two 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports per blade or server
    • Redundant chassis power supplies, AC or DC
System Performance
  • 3.5M devices under management


To inquire about Stretto Platform solutions, please submit a Sales Request Form and a CounterPath representative will contact you with more information.

Mobility Solutions

Stretto's Mobility Solutions encompass modules that not only provide operators with the ability to extend single-number voice, text, multimedia messaging and video services to residential, corporate and hotspot locations with broadband access, but also provide end users with value-adding feature sets such as battery savings and contact discovery.

Push Notification Module – Power Saver

One of the most common end user complaints with VoIP applications is the high battery drain rate when applications are left running in the background. Leveraging the Stretto Push Notification Module, the Power Saver feature enables Bria mobile clients to automatically de-register from the SIP server when not in the foreground and “wakes” them only when an incoming call, message or voicemail is pushed to the client. This allows Bria to conserve battery usage and save power.

Contact Discovery Module

Stretto's Contact Discovery Module enables operators to automatically establish a “community of interest” among their subscribers, providing them with a value-adding offering to present their user base. Using the Contact Discovery Module, Bria clients push a list of contacts from the native address book on the device and performs a comparison to a list of subscribers on the operator's network. The Contact Discovery Module then provides Bria with a list of users who are subscribed to the service, how they can be contacted, and displays a service icon in their address book so that users can see which of their contacts are “on net” using the same service.

Call Continuity Module

The Call Continuity Module of the Stretto Platform keeps users connected no matter where their business takes them. It enables seamless continuity between devices and networks and is agnostic to other network elements. It provides Bria clients with the ability seamlessly handover calls from Wi-Fi to cellular networks without dropping calls.

Subscriber Line Proxy Module

The Subscriber Line Proxy Module enables operators or enterprises to leverage a single server line extension and extend it to multiple devices, including Bria clients and/or other SIP-based devices. This enables significant cost savings by circumventing payments for additional server side licenses to enable additional endpoints


To inquire about Stretto Platform solutions, please submit a Sales Request Form and a CounterPath representative will contact you with more information.

Messaging & Presence Solutions

The Stretto Platform’s Messaging & Presence Solution theme encompasses modules that provide the ability to extend next generation messaging and presence potential, regardless of the platform, and over-the-top of existing SMS network infrastructures. The Stretto Platform acts as a presence and messaging server, even enabling messaging and file transfer options for VoIP numbers. 

SIP/SIMPLE Messaging & Presence Module

Supporting a number of extensions for operator and enterprise deployments, the SIP/SIMPLE Messaging and Presence Module provides a SIP/SIMPLE server for messaging and presence services.

XMPP Messaging & Presence Module

The XMPP Messaging & Presence Module provides an XMPP server for messaging and presence services supporting a number of extensions for operator and enterprise deployments.

SMS Over IP Module

The SMS over IP Module of the Stretto Platform enables SMS capability for VoIP users for both inbound and outbound messages, as well as store and forward message functionality for off-line VoIP users. The module directly integrates with the mobile SMS network without any mobile operator agreement required.


To inquire about Stretto Platform solutions, please submit a Sales Request Form and a CounterPath representative will contact you with more information.


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