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Cloud Solutions

Combining cloud provisioning with Bria Stretto™ clients makes it easy to get your people talking

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What’s Inside Cloud Solutions


CounterPath Cloud Solutions provide an easy to deploy, cloud-managed Unified Communication (UC) solution for large scale enterprises and channel partners. Highly secure and flexible, Cloud Solutions combine the Bria Stretto™ client suite for desktop and mobile devices with CounterPath's cloud-hosted Stretto Platform™ Provisioning Module. This enables IT administrators and resellers to set up groups from the Stretto Web Admin interface, distribute downloads to end users, and add and manage configuration settings from the cloud, easily and efficiently.

The softphone clients for Cloud Solutions are branded as Bria Stretto™ and contain the same great features as our retail applications. They support voice and video calling, messaging, presence, and screen sharing, and contain a wide selection of audio and video codecs, including royalty-bearing ones. Applications are available for Windows and Mac; iPhone and Android smartphones; and iPad and Android tablets.

Cloud Solutions Benefits

  • Start Communicating Quickly. With provisioning centrally managed by your IT administrator using web-based management tools, end users simply login with a username and password to start making calls and sending messages.
  • Limited Upfront Investment. Most communications and collaboration systems come with a hefty price tag. Bria X includes everything you need for a low monthly or annual rate with the flexibility to scale with your needs as your business grows.
  • Instant Mobility and Device Agnostic. Extending telecommunication services across mobile devices is a critical requirement for businesses today. Bria X provides instant mobility with access to the app on up to three devices per user, including Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android platforms.
  • Free Up Resources. Cloud-hosted provisioning tools enable IT and operations staff to quickly deploy a scalable, secure and cost-effective UC client solution with minimal effort.
  • Access to Latest Upgrades and Updates. Upgrades and updates are automatically made available as new versions are released.

Note: Looking for the retail version of Cloud Solutions? This product was discontinued in November 2016 and has been replaced by Bria X, a full-featured UC solution for SMBs and small to mid-sized enterprises. Existing Cloud Solutions customers can still access their account and manage users and services through their Store account.


Cloud Solutions is a channel and direct sales product. To inquire about Bria Cloud Solutions, please submit a Sales Request Form and a CounterPath representative will get in touch with you.

For more information about our Channel Partner Program, contact us at

Client Features

Cloud Solutions softphones are branded as Bria Stretto™ and contain the same great features as our retail clients, including premium content such as video calls, messaging and presence, and advanced audio codecs where available. Applications are available for Windows and Mac; iPhone and Android smartphones; and iPad and Android tablets.


  • Open standards, based on Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) with interoperability with the broadest range of IP PBXs
  • Multiple account integration, including local or company directories, Microsoft Outlook®, XMPP and SIP
  • Advanced user interface makes it easy to navigate contacts, favorites, call history and dial pad with a single click
  • Make and receive voice calls with the ability to hold, transfer and forward them
  • Support for voicemail with Message Waiting Indicator
  • Missed calls indicator
  • Make and receive video calls*
  • See the presence status of other users and set/display your own
  • Send instant messages to users and groups, including support for XMPP and Jabber
  • Manage, sort and filter contacts with support for contact avatars
  • Add a new contact during a call, or from a received, dialed or missed call
  • Employ “Do not Disturb” function for calls and messages
  • Advanced security with signaling and media encryption via TLS and SRTP
  • Firewall traversal and compliance with the latest standards (ICE, STUN, & TURN)
  • And more!

For full details on the various Cloud Solution clients, please visit the product pages below and note that all premium feature content is included in the Stretto™ versions of the clients:

* Not supported on Virtual Desktop client

Stretto Platform Features

The Stretto Platform™ provides various web-based management tools for our Cloud Solutions applications. Using the Stretto Web Admin interface, Channel Partners and IT administrators can easily and efficiently set up their users and groups, add configuration settings, distribute apps, and monitor usage and issues – all from one central interface.

Provisioning Features

Initial Client Configuration
Performs the initial configuration and provisioning of CounterPath softphone clients. Configurations are delivered to the client based on the subscriber’s account, profile and template structure.

Ongoing Configuration Management
Provides an update service that allows softphone clients to check for configuration changes and updates upon startup and/or based upon an internal timer mechanism.

Ongoing Version Management
Provides an update service that allows softphone clients to check for configuration changes and updates upon startup and/or based upon an internal timer mechanism.

Device Tracking and Management
Allows administrators to set limits for the maximum number of devices per user and/or set limits for the maximum number of devices per group.

Multi-Group Management
Provides provisioning group functionality that enables customers to manage distinct groups of subscribers with different settings, client versions, etc.

Configuration Framework
Provides a framework for IT and operations staff to both customize and standardize client configurations based upon a flexible structure of profiles, templates and attributes.

Basic Reports
Easily review subscriber base activity with respect to softphone configuration and usage, and create customized reports. The report can include useful information, such as the number of softphone clients by platform type, version, device OS version and device type. Reports can be viewed from the Stretto™ Admin interface or exported to a CSV file.

Enhanced Client Traces
Administrators can provision Bria clients to send easy-to-read client logs to their system, allowing operations support staff to immediately troubleshoot softphone client issues.

End User Notifications
Administrators can generate fully customizable emails to their end users with specific client login information through Stretto™ Admin.

User List Download and Upload Capability
Administrators can make bulk moves, adds or changes using a CSV file containing data for all of their users and the attributes set on a user level. They can also download CSV files for archive or editing purposes.

End User Portal
The End User Portal allows end users to interact with the Provisioning Module in a variety of ways to assist in managing their own services, including viewing and deleting devices, accessing device logs for troubleshooting, and configuring specific attributes in the module (such as Display Name). The portal helps reduce strain on administrators by allowing end users to self-manage their client.

Premium Bundle Features

As an optional add-on, Channel Partners and enterprises can choose to include User Experience Metrics and Help Desk Assistant features in their solution, or even hosted messaging provided by CounterPath, for an additional charge.

User Experience Metrics
User Experience Metrics (UEM) encompasses both Analytics and Voice Quality Monitoring (VQM) features, which provide valuable insight into end user behaviors and experiences. UEM enables operations teams to accurately measure the frequency of end user issues, and provides insight into how and which features within the clients are being used. Items that are logged include, but are not limited to: client version, device type, device operating system, number of calls over Wi-Fi vs. 3G vs. 4G, number of calls with one-way audio, NAT traversal method, and HD audio/video usage.

Help Desk Assistant
The Help Desk Assistant feature allows operations staff to review device logs and, more importantly, with a user’s permission, remotely control Bria clients as if they were in the same room with the user with the device in hand. When an end user experiences a technical issue with Bria, they can contact their support team and allow a support staff member to remotely connect to their Bria client using a security code generated when they start the Help Desk Assistant. The support person can then review diagnostics from both the Bria client and underlying operating system, as well as place audio and video calls, in order to troubleshoot the issue. This provides operators and enterprises with a better, faster and more efficient way to support their end users, saving costs and keeping frustrations low when dealing with technical issues.

Hosted Messaging & Presence
CounterPath can provide hosted XMPP messaging and presence services for Channel Partners or enterprises who may not have a service already in place. Team messaging and presence help streamline communications as users can see who is online and available at a glance, or quickly send someone a message instead of calling them. Both 1:1 and group messaging is supported.


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