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Add your own look and modify default settings with CounterPath’s Branding Process.

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Inside Branding


Businesses want their communications tools to have certain look and feel and functionality. Implementing these changes and coordinating the maintenance of many individually branded clients requires sophisticated software management processes. At CounterPath, we excel at delivering businesses and operators the branded clients they want.

CounterPath offers branding options for businesses and operators with orders of over 200 softphones for an additional fee. We can perform this branding for your desktop, smartphone, and tablet clients. We can tailor graphical and default settings within our clients to enhance your users’ experience. These include:

Graphical Settings

  • Changing the product name and branding to match your brand
  • Customizing the graphical assets, including logos, skin color and icons
  • Specifying the language within the client

Default Settings

  • Modifying certain settings within the application or stack, to include or exclude certain calling and add-on features
  • Add audio and video codecs and adjust media settings
  • Tailoring and adding security settings, such as the Oracle Tunneled Service Controller (TSC) (hyperlink) Feature Pack
  • Specifying provisioning options
  • Adding CounterPath Feature Packs, including the BroadWorks Feature Pack (hyperlink)

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Branding Process

Scope of Branding

Branding refers to customization that occurs prior to building and deploying a softphone client. We work with you to select and create a version, skin, language and settings to suit your specific needs. You can have multiple “versions” of brand for different purposes such as a production brand, test server brand, unencrypted brand etc. However, changes made within the Branding process, does not always constitute any code changes.

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Branding has two aspects to it: Default Settings and Graphical Settings. In Default Settings, changes are made to items such as the Domain, Proxy, URL, Product names etc. In Graphical Settings, the changes are made specifically to the graphical elements within the communicator.

Branding Process

We give a customer’s softphone a unique and differentiated look. To achieve that, we adhere to the following process:

  • The customer provides information and documentation outlined in CounterPath's Branding Brief.
  • The customer or its graphics firm reviews the document and produces a mock-up.
  • If the mock up was produced by a 3rd party graphics design team, then CounterPath reviews the mock-up and provides feedback based on feasibility/timelines/costs etc.
  • The customer or its graphics firm prepares the graphical assets to be delivered to CounterPath.
  • CounterPath's team then imports the graphical assets into our Branding database
  • If the client specifies certain factory settings or Feature Packs that they want included, we will also mark those for also track those in our database.
  • We then produce a beta version of the client.
  • CounterPath and the customer review the beta version of the client, ensure all specifications were met and any adjustments required are completed.
  • Final build of the client is produced.

If the customer requires changes to their build, our branding engine allows us to make ad hoc changes quickly, usually within a one day delivery.

For more information on branding capabilities, please complete a Sales Request Form.


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