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Branding Engine


CounterPath has the experience and services to deliver integrated solutions to you and your customers to increase the efficiency and profitability of your operations.

With our unique Branding Engine capabilities, your softphone solution can tailored to ensure the corporate brand promise you have built around your customer communities is seamlessly extended right to the end point.

The following information provides a high-level, technical overview on our Branding Engine and how CounterPath can help customers create a differentiated softphone in their marketplace.


In the case of designing a customer-specific softphone client, it is important to understand how CounterPath defines the term “Branding”. Branding refers to the aspects of customization that can be changed prior to building and deploying the softphone executable.

Creating a brand/build involves selecting a version, a skin, the languages, and the settings to build. The customer can have multiple “versions” of brand for different purposes such as a production brand, test server brand, unencrypted brand etc. However, changes made within the Branding process, does not always constitute any code changes.

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Branding has two aspects to it: Factory Settings and Graphical Settings. In Factory Settings, changes are made to items such as the Domain, Proxy, URL, Product names etc. In Graphical Settings, the changes are made specifically to the graphical elements within the communicator. Either aspect depends on an understanding of the customer's needs.

Branding Process

To give the softphone a unique and differentiated look that instills the specific branding style required by the customer, we adhere to the following process:

If the customer requires changes to their build, our branding engine allows us to make ad hoc changes quickly, usually within a one day delivery.

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