Bria Push Service

The Bria Push Service uses push notifications to support inbound calls when Bria Mobile is in the background, Bria Mobile is not active, or your device is locked. Push notifications are messages reliably delivered from a cloud-based messaging service to your device.

Some iOS operating systems stop Bria Mobile from running in the background in order to conserve battery. To continue to receive calls, the Bria Push Service maintains your SIP registration even when Bria Mobile is not running.

When you use the Bria Push Service, your account configuration is stored on CounterPath’s push notification server. The data is securely transmitted in accordance to our Privacy Policy. In order to use the Bria Push Service, you must accept the Bria Push Service agreement.

Requirements for push notifications

To see if you can use the Bria Push Service, check the following on your device and your server.

Troubleshooting the Bria Push Service

Common issues

Logs and traces



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